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Former Mascot at NC State  
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Hi! You've reached the homepage of a former wolf mascot for

named MR. WUF.

Since then, everything I do seems to incorporate that name somewhere; my nickname, my car license plate, my homepage, my small businesses, etc.

This is just my goofy website. See, I do this kind of thing for a living - so I hung my own shingle out here in cyberspace and to try things I couldn't or wouldn't try on someone else's website.
Have yourself a good look around. I'm always adding new stuff and trying new things.
Please Come Back Soon!

P.S. This site is ALWAYS under construction!!!

Here's a link to a video about Mr. and Mrs. WUF. I'm not the guy in the video, but at least you get to see what it was I did to earn the moniker...

WUF Video


Mr Wuf