Tank: 150 Gallon Acrylic Creations
Stand & Hood: DIY
Skimmer: ASM G-4x Skimmer
(with recirculation and gate valve mods)
Skimmer pump: SEDRA 9000
Sump: 45 Gallon DIY Acrylic  
Refugium: In-Sump DSB 6" with L/R 
Return Pump: Mag 12
WaveMaker: OceansMotions HD 4-Way
Closed Loop Pump : Sequence Reeflo Dart
Kalkwasser Reactor: DIY Modeled after a reef-tec
Lighting Ballast: (3) PFO HQI 250w
Lighting: (3) PFO HQI 250w Mini Pendants
Lighting Bulb: (3) XM 250w 20k HQI Metal Halides
Moonlight: LunarTracker LED Moonlights
Live Sand: 300 lbs Crushed Coral - Southdown - Beach Sand
Live Rock: 200 lbs. of Kaelini rock
RO/DI: 110 GPD 6 Stage Filter Direct WaterGeneral RO+DI Water System
Top-Off Float Switch: California Reef's In-Sump Switch w/Snail Guard
Top-Off Pump: Eheim 1048
Heater: (3) 150w Pro Heat Digital Titanium Heater
System Controller: Neptune Systems
Aquacontroller II 
(with AquaNotes)
Cleaning Magnet: MAG-FLOAT 130, Acrylic Cleaner
Salinity Tester: RHS-10ATC
TDS Meter: Sprite Hydro Silver
Misc: GFCI, Grounding probes, float switches, Instant Ocean Salt, lots of books